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Real Orders, No Bidding
Xometry provides all of the job details (price, lead time, material etc.) for you to view. If the job is a fit for your shop, simply hit the accept button and the job is yours!

No Commitment
Account setup is free and there is no monthly or annual fee – take work only when it makes sense for your shop.

Get Paid Quickly
Xometry pays you on set dates throughout the month, so you never have to wonder when payment will arrive.

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Get Matched for Jobs From Across the U.S

Xometry’s proprietary pricing algorithm uses computational geometry and machine learning to determine the specific requirements of each part.

Orders are then matched to the facilities that are most capable of completing the work and posted to their account for review. Facilities only accept work if they have the open capacity to meet the lead time.

To set up an account, you simply add your shop’s capabilities including machines, finishing capabilities, and certifications. We’ll use that information to match jobs that are best suited to your shop.

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Review and Accept the Jobs You Want

Xometry provides all of the job details (price, lead time, material etc.) for you to view. The 3D CAD files, drawings (if available), materials and part quantities are all in one place. If the price, lead time and job requirements are a fit, simply accept the job and a PO will be generated automatically.

Once a job has been accepted, jobs can be managed using Xometry's web application. You can easily provide status updates, upload inspection reports and photos. You can also communicate directly with the customer if you have questions about dimensions or tolerances.

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Get Paid Quickly

Generate new business, fill excess capacity, and watch your profitability grow.

Xometry pays partners within 20 business days of when they ship parts – no more net 30, 60 or 90.


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