The Xometry Team


Employeespotlight Danrasmussen

Dan Rasmussen

Sr. Account Executive

Favorite Xometry Project

Assembling my new office chair, Cast Urethane training, or every customer visit.

Xometry in 5 Words or Less

Better, more, faster, everything, technology

Part I Most Want to Make

I would design the next life saving medical catheter to deliver medication to the brain to treat Alzheimer's and other brain related illnesses.

Ideal Superpower

Time travel.

Thing I Can't Live Without

My wife.

Employeespotlight Jennielacourt

Jennie LaCourt

Talent Operations Manager

Most Interesting Previous Job

I worked a video rental store in high school. Might not be unusual now, but I look forward to telling my children that once upon a time, in a world before Netflix, everyone had to drive to a store in order to watch movies at home.

Xometry in 5 Words or Less

A really smart idea.

Ideal Superpower

Anyone that doesn't pick teleporting is a fool.

Real Life 'Superpower'

Sleeping in on the weekends

Employeespotlight Joelschadegg

Joel Schadegg

Customer & Project Support Specialist

Favorite Xometry Project

My favorite project was our "Manufacturing with Organic Materials" video we published right before Halloween 2016. It was my idea for us to make a fun promotional video that involved taking a real pumpkin to a CNC machine and making a sweet Jack-O-Lantern out of it.

Secret Personal Fact

One of my passions is backpacking in the wilderness. As much as I love technology and working with my co-workers, it's nice to get away from it all and seek solitude in nature.

Happiest When...

My inbox is empty and the support queue is clear.

Real Life 'Superpower'

I have the super power of multitasking live phone calls, emails and web-chats all at the same time!

Employeespotlight Derekferramosca

Derek Ferramosca

Account Executive

Favorite Thing About Xometry

Seeing the joy our customers have when we help bring their ideas to life.

Favorite Xometry Project

Making awards for a real Hollywood event. It was an incredibly fun project and multiple Oscar winning actors and actresses got to receive the award! As a movie fan it was a very rewarding experience.

Most Interesting Previous Job

I was a security guard and helped keep a building from exploding!

Part I Most Want to Make

A 1950's style ray gun (non functioning, of course!).

Happiest When...

I am spending time with my family.