Quality Assurance Lab

Get quality parts made your way

Job One at Xometry is making your custom parts to your specifications. The seamless integration of our Manufacturing Partner Network, the in-house Applications Engineering Team, and the Xometry Quality Assurance Lab enables us to back every part we ship with the Xometry Quality Guarantee. Our Quality Assurance Lab's professionally-trained quality engineering team continuously improves the part certification documentation process and our virtual inspection process to bring you part quality peace of mind on every single order.

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Partner Certifications

Xometry's diverse manufacturing partners have the certifications you demand:

  • ITAR
  • AS9100
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 13485
  • UL
  • ISO 7 & 8 Medical Clean Room
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Inspection Services

Xometry inspects your product to the degree that you need. Again, you can have it your way:

  • Material certs
  • Material and Process Lot traceability
  • Full Dimensional reports, complete with variance analysis
  • Sampling lot size and frequency, or 100% inspections
  • First Article inspections and sign-offs, or full lot shipments
  • Tight tolerances down to +/- 0.001"
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State-of-the-art Equipment

Xometry & our Network have the latest equipment to perform inspections your way:

  • In-line CAD stations for our technicians
  • Part drawing creation to your datum schemes
  • Measuring Equipment Certification programs
  • Coordinate measurement machine (CMM)
    • Hexagon Metrology (Browne and Sharpe)
    • Zeiss
    • Nikon
    • Mitutoyo
  • Shadow graph devices
  • Mass Spectrometer (XRF) to validate material compositions
  • Ring and thread gauges
  • Gage blocks and gage pins
  • Assortment of micrometers and calipers

You will receive thorough and timely communication from our team of Quality Engineering professionals. Examples include design feature confirmation, tolerance, and datum scheme confirmation, design value optimization (VA/VE), sharing of key quality documents and more. With high-precision industrial manufacturing, a variety of available finishes on solid metal or plastic parts, and our Quality Assurance capabilities, Xometry guarantees your custom parts will be built to your specifications.

Capabilities for all of your custom manufacturing applications from prototype to production

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